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Thread Which (valve) amp for home use?

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1 Which (valve) amp for home use?
Hello everyone!

After 10 years of not touching a guitar (focus on career, had 2 kids along the way), i'd like to get back to it and for this, need to buy a new gear. I want to start on the amp side of things first, before looking for a guitar.

What i look for: I would like to go more clean / crunch / rock sounds now. I'm looking for a good amp for home use, so not loud but still providing good sensations at low volume, on clean but also with gain.

I have tried some Solide state modeling amp (Fender mustang, Yamaha HR5, Vox Agio air GT, Boss Katana) and they have improved like crazy from back in the day, but playing them i really don't get this special feeling and vibe the valve provides. I would love to try the Boss Nextone, as reviews look promising, any experience from anybody versus a fender bassbreaker?

VALVE: tried the following ones
Fender Super Champ X2 (even if it's not a fully valve amp, i quite liked it as pretty good at low volume)
Fender Bassbreaker 15W
Fender Blues Junior
Blackstar HT1 and HT5
Marshall Origin 5W
Marshall DSL 5W

Problem with valve is the volume you need to put them to have some gain an crunch. For example i was blown away by the Fender Blues Junior, such a powerful amp, way too loud for me. I understand that the usual trick is to use pedal on top so you can get crunch / overdrive at low volume, but don't want to go this road.

Blackstar: amazing gain and hard rock vibe, but...clean are really not great and don't want to go the Metal path.

Bottom line, i'm now with a shortlist between the Fender Bassbreaker and the Super Champ, anybody has some experience with these 2?

On top, i'm wondering if i would get any tone / quality benefit on going with a head + cab versus a combo, any advises here would be appreciated.

Thanks a lot guys!