Behringer Dynamics Compressor DC9
Behringer Dynamics Compressor DC9

Dynamics Compressor DC9 , Compressor/Sustainer for Guitar from Behringer.

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LDpicker 02/28/2010

Behringer Dynamics Compressor DC9 : LDpicker's user review


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everything has been said already


Simplicime use everything that I need.


very surprised by the sound coming out of this little box. I know nothing but what compressor is on it is that the sound of the guitar (acoustic or electric) is gaining in clarity and definition, the level of compression can be very quiet until fairly important but not too exaggerated .

Also note the lack of breath and truebypass.


I bought 37 euros in stores in Annecy and it gives the sound I expected from my guitar on my amp. It really gives a lot of realism and electroacoustic sound punchy and well defined with my Tele. A simple choice, cheap and efficient and the more it looks beefy!