Behringer Dynamics Compressor DC9
Behringer Dynamics Compressor DC9

Dynamics Compressor DC9 , Compressor/Sustainer for Guitar from Behringer.

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Audiofanzine FR 03/09/2009

Behringer Dynamics Compressor DC9 : Audiofanzine FR's user review


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(Originally written by SlapKid/translated from Audiofanzine FR)
I've been using this compressor for three weeks. I was looking for a simple and effective device and it is exactly the tool I needed.

My first surprise was that it has a true bypass (without battery and PSU the signal just goes through...).

Second surprise: you must remove the housing screws to access the battery, which is really stupid.

Third surprise: once you open the housing you can see a small brass screw to make adjustments. I didn't touch it because I'm satisfied with the sound of the DC9 and my Telecaster.


Very easy... I love it.

The level control affects only the output level. With the sensitivity control you set the level at which the compressor starts working, depending on the guitar (each guitar requires its own sensitivity setting).

It's great because you still have the trim pot inside to fine tune.

It won't take you long to set the compressor correctly.


I don't own the Dynacomp (the one I tested at the shop sounded like a hair blower and it altered the signal) but I own many compressors (they all have disadvantages so I'm always for new models...).

First of all, the DC9 sounds transparent and intelligible without saturation. It also adds high frequencies. It's like adding a pinch of salt to the food, it enhances the taste.

The compression is not that strong (no pumping effect compared with other pedals).

I insert the DC9 between my guitar and the amp (a 30 watts Line6 Spider3) and it enhances the overall sound response (clarity, punch, definition).

And it's the same thing when connected between my Sansamp Triod and a clean amp. The DC9 doesn't amplify too much the noise.

It's the ideal effect with the neck pickup of my Telecaster: without effect I get a jazz sound while with effect I get a perfect sound for funky rhythm parts.


I give it a 10. However, if you want an extreme compression it's not the right pedal for you. Perhaps the trim pot can change that.

The CS100 sounds clear but it saturates. The Boss CS3 sounds awful like the Ibanez CP5.

The DOD Milkbox creates too much noise and colors the mids. The Fat Burner is too expensive and it doesn't sound natural. The Compnova is not effective enough but it offers the best quality among effect pedals.

I think all these compressors use the same technology (Ross-type). If you want a product in another category try the BBE Orange Squash, which has a fully different technology. But it's much more expensive (too expensive for me)!

The DC9 is very useful and it is always on. I use it as a soft and discreet enhancer, and it is exactly what I expected.