Behringer Dynamics Compressor DC9
Behringer Dynamics Compressor DC9

Dynamics Compressor DC9 , Compressor/Sustainer for Guitar from Behringer.

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manson.reznor 11/04/2007

Behringer Dynamics Compressor DC9 : manson.reznor's user review


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Copy of "unofficial" of Dynacomp
1 volume
Sensitivity 1 (compression level)
2 jack sockets
A 9v power supply jack on the right ct

Almost identical copy of the famous Dynacomp


It RULES compression ratio and output level. Not rocket science!


By L against the plumage of the DC9 is not related to the warbling of Dynacomp:
It adds to the high contrast and compresses the Dynacomp less.
It was not the "plop" of Dynacomp CHARACTERISTICS or staining.
It adds some sustain trs.
The effect is that of a plutt limiter. However, its silent operation can be used as a lightweight booster.


Do not think have a good copy of the Dynacomp with the pedals. As usual Behringer product generally honorable see excellent copies (the TO800 - Tube Screamer clone), as is the compltement rat!
It really has nothing do with Dynacomp except appearance.
I RPET, but it takes more Whereas the pedals as a limiter / booster that as a real compressor.
Behringer really on this one the