Ibanez CP10 Compressor Sustainer
Ibanez CP10 Compressor Sustainer

CP10 Compressor Sustainer, Compressor/Sustainer for Guitar from Ibanez in the 10 series.

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Maltigow 03/12/2014

Ibanez CP10 Compressor Sustainer : Maltigow's user review

«  Compressor, yes, but not without sustain »

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Compressor / Sustainer, 3 settings: Attack, Sustain, Level
The jacks and DC are on top of the pedal, not always very convenient, the door is in the mechanism of the switch.
The creature is strong, the mechanism of the switch is a little plastoc but he never gave me.


Do not expect to use this pedal as a compressor sustainer OR, at least that's my opinion.
The fact is that it gives the best of itself if the 'sustain' is 10/12h. Before that, I find that the effect of compression on the attack is frankly pale. Suddenly, the knob 'attack' could be an on / off it does not really change much for my use.
So it's really a compressor sustainer AND MUST. It has its own character. That said, it must be tempered appearance 'sustain', it is far from extreme intake is correct sustain without falling into caricature.


I use 'attack' bottom 'sustain' at 3 o'clock and the 'level' at noon.
She brings a sin in His holy and proper sustain without exaggeration.
I play mostly rather vintage blues, rock, funk, and it suits all these styles. I play on a Sheraton II and HW1 Strat. Everything is plugged into a single channel all-tube british on the edge of crunch.
Once activated, I have a real presence and heat gain without altering the guitar or the grain. I often use it with a Tubescreamer switched downstream, or just before my wah, it is equally his job.
Anecdotal upstream use a Fuzz Face cranked ... but only to pick up the dirty good feedback. :))
I take off a point for its tendency to blow a little, but just because one is not that much.


Purchased in 2006 (or 2007?), With a small repair to the old connection level.
Since no problem. I was a little afraid of the mechanical switch but it did not move ...
This is a compressor which has its own style and is not suitable for all needs, but it is still found for a pittance used so not a huge risk either.