Ibanez CP10 Compressor Sustainer
Ibanez CP10 Compressor Sustainer

CP10 Compressor Sustainer, Compressor/Sustainer for Guitar from Ibanez in the 10 series.

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cladamousse 11/24/2006

Ibanez CP10 Compressor Sustainer : cladamousse's user review


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Compressor / sustainer pedal format Micro
between a jack, an output, nothing more can (the catch is on the front of the pedals, with the power supply, not very practical)


Setup is simple, one button for attack rgler compression attack (Whoa) and to sustain rgler sustain, then a volume. TRS is simple, you turn in clean, and you turn to find what you want.
No need for this kind of manual pedals (all fawn I did not)


This is where the bottom lies. I am not at all convinced by the compression function (attack), compared with a CS-3 for example, is below. The sustainer does its job any more.


I bought a baybay 25aine rcemment of euros, to see, I've seen. I think changing rapidly.
With exprience, I do not have that choice would do, but bargain price, you can afford to be wrong.