MXR M132 Super Comp Compressor
MXR M132 Super Comp Compressor

M132 Super Comp Compressor, Compressor/Sustainer for Guitar from MXR.

mdkratkid 12/15/2005

MXR M132 Super Comp Compressor : mdkratkid's user review


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Analog compressor pedal effect.
rglages: output, attack, sensitivity
alim. : 9V battery or sector.


Trs easy to use!
3 knobs and that's it!
- Output: the output level General for the pedals
- Attack: To set the attack time, takes between when the note is played and the moment the pedal is activated and acts on the compression
- Sensitivity: the rule coughing increases the compression and sustain

can easily be found by searching DSIR sounds a little. Too bad the manual does not offer some basic settings to get a first ide (especially when you have never used compressor)


For a pedal this range, the effect of compression is effective trs. the rhythm can become rattled and the endless solos and incredible fluidity ...
I use an Ibanez S470 with (fairly large output level) on a marshall 30MGDFX, but also a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe.
GNR is the breath low trs, provided they do not abuse the potentiometer for sensitivity.


It lends me for a week and spend some time on it.
Trs simple to use and posting of trs good performance for this range, I think if I had to take a compressor, I would take this one DEFINITIONS.
The report quality price trs INTERESTED