Pigtronix Philosopher's Tone
Pigtronix Philosopher's Tone

Philosopher's Tone, Compressor/Sustainer for Guitar from Pigtronix.

pinkbono 11/14/2011

Pigtronix Philosopher's Tone : pinkbono's user review

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Compressor / Distortion
Book with a 18v power supply


Config simple potentiometers are incremental and reactive to the slightest movement.
Using a relatively instinctive, quality and sound reproduction is excellent and immediate.


It's a real compressor quality, very accurate dosing attack and sustain and certainly one of the best I had (and I had too). Passes with flying colors Rock, Blues, Funk, Psyche ...

However I remain skeptical about the distortion, tight and very charismatic.
The distortion I use in troubleshooting or background music, but for me that's it.

I play Blade ddr-2 Deluxe and Ibanez RG-505 through a pedalboard effects to a selected Blackstar Studio 20.
Everything is compatible except again the integrated distortion is sufficient to itself, but makes the soup when tucked into a Big Muff Pi Russian or a Wah-Wah.
(Contratio then that the Russian Big Muff likes to be fed by a good overdrive root)


Received two months ago the US, I like its size and input jack on the right allowing me to paste in the bottom right of my Pedaltrain entry. I love the quality and versatility of its compression.
Excellent build quality, when you open the welds are serious, the finishes are a standard shop.

After a period of ownership and doubts, I would do now that choice.
Like many I buy, I sell, I'm looking monGraal sound, and this Pigtronix enters. I keep.