Pigtronix Philosopher's Tone
Pigtronix Philosopher's Tone

Philosopher's Tone, Compressor/Sustainer for Guitar from Pigtronix.

Rifififi 02/13/2011

Pigtronix Philosopher's Tone : Rifififi's user review

«  A compressor / sustainer / distortion surprising »

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Compressor, sustain and overdrive / distortion pedals in one.
The big downside is that it only works on AC and AS on the 18v AC. There is more than the supply on a Voodoo Lab Pedal Power Plus 2 and is an investment. It runs on 12V AC but we feel it is in the plan.

Studio-grade opto compressor, sustain virtually infinite (and very natural).
Grit: saturation
Sustain: Compression / Sustain
Blend: dry / wet in the direction of clockwise
Treble: treble boost, at least this gives his jazz circles, this gives a maximum twang
Master Volume

I put only 9 because they could find a way to make the pedal easier to use them internationally.


It is rare for a pedal that promises to be as good as she looks. I hate that the cuts, it is simply sublime and very musical.

Two small flaws: even at a minimum, it provides a sound quite spongy with a strong attack, a hollow and then sustain. This hardly means but I'm very demanding. The other missing is the grit. Even at zero, clear sound, you will hear a grrrrr. Very effective


solo saturated in crunch for all that is legato, tapping ... but also for country licks, funk, etc..

Again I do not like the pedals of compression, but it soon became indispensable to me.


The best compression I've ever had. I tried almost everything (boss, digitech, Marshall, FMR RNC, Real McCoy ...) and it was really something more. I would even say it has a very particular grain, personality and she knows to make himself indispensable. I use it in boost for solos and phrases for all that I do not have enough bumps (!) So that my game seems more fluid. Yes, this pedal can also rip off the ears of others and give the impression that we still played better than usual.