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Sikosis 10/14/2014

Akai Professional Head Rush : Sikosis's user review

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This is a 3 in 1 effect pedal. You get Delay, Tape Echo and a Looper.

The Delay is a very cool sounding effect with delay time of up to 23.8 seconds.
The tape echo allows you to make use of the 4 outputs, so if you have 4 amps or speakers available you can create some very cool stereo effects, and this simulates a 4 head anaolgue tape machine. The delay time in Tape Echo mode is up to 5.9seconds.

The looper is why I bought the pedal and it is very good as a looper. I'll go into this in kore detail below.

You can not sync this effect with your Mac/PC. You do have tap tempo control over the delay/echo time though, which is useful in live and recording situations.

Apart from the 4 outputs, there is also 1 input and a power input (PCU supplied)


The unit is big and has dials to control the volume, damp, time (course), time (fine), ratio, feedback.

It is easy to switch between Delay, Tape Echo or Looper, although you need to use your hands for this. You can't use the effects simultaneously.

It's a breeze to use. I don't think I read the manual.


The Tape Echo is very cool if you can utilize the 4 outputs. The delay is pretty cool too and with 23.8 seconds you can get some crazy sounds going on.

The looper is the reason I bought the pedal and it is probably the best looper I have used. It is very simple to use, the sound quality is great, even with multiple layers of sounds/loops.

I used the looper live with an acoustic guitar, sometimes on its own, sometimes with other effects going into it. The looper performs well live. The sound reproduction is very accurate.


There are a couple of issues with this pedal that I wish Akai would address on a mark 3 Headrush:

1. Make the loop time longer - 11.9 seconds is not long enough
2. Add an undo/redo function - currently you can delete all but the first loop. This can be a cool effect in a song but a much more useable effect would be to undo and then redo the last recorded loop.
3. Add a second channel.

The Akai Headrush is an old unit now but it still competes with newer models. I think the Ditto X2 Looper gives it a run for it's money - but the Headrush is still selling on Ebay for the same price second hand as it was five or six years ago, so it holds its value, and rightly so.