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electric lullaby 06/07/2005

Akai Professional Head Rush : electric lullaby's user review


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PDAL delay / tape echo / looper numrique

Between 1 (mono) - 5 output (mono) that rpart as follows:
- An outlet for the looper
- 4 outputs for tape echo which serves to delay Premire
Between a power supply - no battery power of prvue

Too bad the Loop is part ... to switch to other features, it is not enough to activate the switch, you must change the connections ... but it's not a big problem in my config ...

No backup possible loop.

Construction recall that a tank of Eastern Europe ... ugly and indestructible ... Version II on the other hand is superb.


Super simple to use, just read what is described on the buttons to see how it works. A color code for each of the three feature allows very easy to navigate.
Possibly, if we want to go fast, a quick read of the manual, and we know the dj thing by heart.

I am using the looper function (in delay, I dj what it takes when the tape echo, I have no 4 amp to connect the 4 outputs) with my electric guitar.

In the era or I bought it I had plugged into the effects loop of my amp, ultimately, to be able bnficier of all my effects loops as I save.
Now I have a Vox AC-30 to 73 with no effects loop. Always at the end of string, but just an APRS AB Box which allows me to swing the loop recording on one channel of the amp and playing on another channel.

The loop has a maximum capacity of 23.8 seconds ... but only for a simple loop ... to the re-re infinity, only half the time is available, less than 12 seconds ... is short, trs short, but still allows same to a lot of things interresting ...


The sound sample at 44.1 Hz is a loss of momentum indniable but is less noticeable in the effects loop of my amp Previous. Must be said that the AC-30 is so dynamic, so let the guitar speak at once we see more such default.

For the rest, it really is nickel. Raccort the loop is always perfect, not plop or anything, ask if there is not an elf in a box that would crossfader every time.


I bought F 1200 there are 3 and a half year ...
The Loop Station Boss had just come out ... 2500 F ... Between the two, there is also the Line6 DL-4 (delay model)

Given the price cards, and for occasional use that I have, I do not regret my choice.
The loop station it can only make loops ... but with backups possible, Stereo, and a total of 5 minutes ... so it's incomparable.
I do not know enough about the DL-4 to talk about it, but it seems closer to the Headrush, with a capacity may be somewhat larger. on the other hand, it seems that it is relatively weak (according to the forums amricains)

In short, to make live-sampling (either with your guitar like me, or with his voice, as I saw Dominique to do so) is simply the Headrush gnial. Ds the first test, I knit a p'tite IMMEDIATE loop consists of a multitude of different layers and varied ... When playing alone like me, at once, filled a little space, and opens the doors of crativit ...

Now the live sampling began increasingly to rpandre, other machines have emerged since.