Boss DD-7 Digital Delay
Boss DD-7 Digital Delay
ricou8312 09/30/2013

Boss DD-7 Digital Delay : ricou8312's user review

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A delay with several modes including reverse, analog, hold (40sec loop), and time mode.


Very easy to find the sound you want, also to be honest I have not even read the manual!!
The manual is very readable but I assure you it is not necessary so intuitive.
I think in the future I'll make me a foot switch for tap tempo, as it need to press the pedal for two seconds to beat the rhythm.


This is the pedal that I wanted, it is what I play.
I had some reservations with the tc flashback that the passage is also very good, but the balance has tilted towards Boss.
There are many different opinions on these two pedals in my eyes are the same.
I use a little all modes, with a preference for analog delay and 3200.800.
The hold mode is very good so, I sold my solo jamman I did not operate.
Some say it is too digital, I is not like what the tastes and colors!!


Very satisfied with my purchase, I think she will stay for a while on my pedalboard as it convinced me.
Unless of course so the Boss DD-8!!!