Boss DD-7 Digital Delay
Boss DD-7 Digital Delay
denied 07/31/2011

Boss DD-7 Digital Delay : denied's user review

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- Stereo input and outputs
- Up to 6.4 seconds of delay time
- 40 seconds of hold
- Multiple delay modes, including reverse, modulated, and analog simulation
- Expression pedal and tap tempo compatible
- Controls for delay time, decay, and mix level
- Buffered bypass
- Powered by 9v battery or boss style adapter
- Easy battery access
- LED indicator
- Boss construction and reliability


Pretty simple to use, especially for the number of features that Boss managed to cram into this pedal. I still have no idea why they included so many different delay time parameter modes, but with 6.4 seconds of delay time, it makes more sense than with previous boss pedals. Having to hold the pedal to start tap tempo can be a little annoying, I’d definitely recommend an external TT switch. The hold function is a really great addition with 40 seconds of loop. You can’t overdub or save, but it can still double as a loop pedal in a pinch.


It actually sounds pretty good. The standard boss digital delay sound is unmistakable, perfect digitized repeats. On the other hand, it also has an analog delay simulator that does a pretty good job. The modulated delay is another cool setting, but unfortunately you don’t get any control over the depth and rate of the modulation. The reverse delay is a really cool addition, limited uses, but still very cool. The buffered bypass is standard boss issue, and not great, but definitely usable.


The flagship of the compact Boss delay line, the DD7 does digital delay very well. In fact, it might be one of the more usable digital delays that I’ve come across. Pick up an external tap tempo switch and you are set. Boss managed to cram an impressive number of features into this one, while maintaining its compact size. I’m not really one for digital delay, but this might be the one to have. On the whole I tend to find most boss products sub-par, but this the DD7 definitely holds its own.