Boss RE-20 Space Echo
Boss RE-20 Space Echo
Nissan Fairlady 11/07/2013

Boss RE-20 Space Echo : Nissan Fairlady's user review

«  It has the merit to exist ... »

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digital stereo pedal guitounes and synths. Audio stereo jack connector.


Pretty simple, clear manual, editing sounds easy despite an important point, the echo does not remain fixed on the BPM set if you change the mode. First big downside of this pedal. Must retype the tempo if we change the way so look for a sound that is hassle.


The effects are realistic condition of not doing too much from the pedal self oscillation. Main negative point of the pedal so, because this is what we want to echo space, going on self oscillation. This pedal is digital and indeed, the "distortion" generated by the degradation of terrible echoes quickly and not at all realistic. Too bad because the sound of the echo is beautiful reminds me of the intro to Eisbear Grauzone.

I use synths, samples. So line level. I bought it for adjustment of input gain exactly, but I think an analog echo bear well to take line level.


I use it for a year. I TimeFactor of the eventide, incomparable.
The feature I like most: the warmth and cleanliness of the echo. The feature I like least, the terrible distortion self oscillation. The right pedal is not used much, the effect is anecdotal. better to turn the knob of delay time, the effect is more realistic. with the right pedal sound disappears first and then come back, but ugly. There's a knob reverb but it's stupid, there are the reverb as the sound goes, not the echoes. therefore useless because it keeps the incoming signal and repeats closer in sound mind, and that is exactly the opposite of what we want. better manage it then with a plug-in or other pedal.

Value average price. With the experience I would look on the side of electro harmonix.

I use in the studio so for me it does not matter much but it should be noted that like all the boss pedals, it is made like a tank. Rotary, beautiful and comfortable, seem welded to the hull and can probably kill someone if need be, without damaging it. connection and disconnection of jacks is without problems, unlike the eventide.

I thought about selling it, but I keep it for special effects. I think back a Kaossilator 2 inside particular, just to live the high end of my mixes, it will be very good for that. (White and Charley who go dub 'see sound?)