Boss RE-20 Space Echo
Boss RE-20 Space Echo
jeff 7 adore. 05/05/2013

Boss RE-20 Space Echo : jeff 7 adore.'s user review


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Memes DSP that many rcentes at Boss pedals, memoirs 64 megs 16 bits produced by Elite Semiconductor Memory Technology analog and mixed inc.Technologie numrique.Un DSP is never "digital" wants nothing dire.On has brought an electrical signal and convert to digital and then drouler a program that the machine will execute and make rsultat after an analog converters. I think it will be better to speak of DSP (Digital Sound Processors) .With a single DSP can be done much more functions a device on a small semiconductor surface, what even a pure signal chip analog.Voil a small explication.Pour the moment the sound quality suffers but is improving with increasing the size of memoirs.
No ditable computer.
Model pedale.Connectique Jack.


Config.simple two rows of buttons all rglages directement.Edition of facile.Manuel sounds clear yes.


.... Being sorry.


..... In progress ....