Boss RE-20 Space Echo
Boss RE-20 Space Echo
VishNuRoXoUt 04/11/2011

Boss RE-20 Space Echo : VishNuRoXoUt's user review

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The Boss RE-20 Space Echo is a digital take on the old tape echo units made by Roland. It has stereo ins and outs and an expression pedal input. It has a few different modes of delay, echo and reverb. You can control the levels of each effect. It's in a very durable twin pedal format. One footswitch turning the pedal on and off and the other being a tap tempo and a 'warping' function I'll cover later.


This is a very easy pedal to use. On/off switch and a tap tempo/warp switch. It has separate controls for the reverb and delay. The reverb knobs include: Bass, Treble and Reverb Volume. Volume being the level of reverb. The delay controls include: Repeat Rate, Intensity and Echo volume. The Repeat rate is the same as the 'delay time'. The intensity is the amount of repeats. The pedal also has an input level that is active and controls your level if the pedal is on or off as well as a peak level LED showing when you are overloading the unit. You can make this pedal go into self-oscillation very easily. That brings me to the 'warp' mode. When you hold the tap tempo down the echo will start to oscillate and sound like someone is destroying the tape inside of an old echo unit. The manual, like most Boss manuals, is very helpful in showing you every nook and cranny this pedal has to offer.


The RE-20 Space Echo is a great unit that does not kill tone and has stellar sounding repeats. There is so much to be said about this pedal. I've used it with a few different guitars and amps and it seems to handle them all. It's truly a fantastic sounding echo unit.


The thing I like most about this pedal is the ability to control both the reverb and the delay separately to create a sonically pleasing delay tone. There are literally a million good things I can say about this unit. I've been extremely happy with it. It's really nice for the price and sounds great with any rig. The warp mode is a nice little touch that is really fun to play with. I would recommend this to anyone looking for something a little different in a delay.