Diamond Pedals Memory Lane 2
Diamond Pedals Memory Lane 2

Memory Lane 2, Delay/Echo/Phrase Sampler for Guitar from Diamond Pedals.

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denied 04/29/2011

Diamond Pedals Memory Lane 2 : denied's user review

« The king of analog delay »

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- 550 ms delay time

- Tap tempo!

- Bucket brigade analog circuitry, MN3005 chips

- Dotted 8th note setting for rhythmic delays

- Internal "spaceship mode" switch

- Stereo out

- Expression pedal in

- True Bypass

- Led tempo monitor

- Superb quality and construction

- Controls for Delay time, tilt EQ, delay level, modulation speed and depth, and overall mix

- Two independent footswitchable delays


This is one of those pedals that requires a little bit of time for fluency of operation. You will need to figure out which channel can be tapped in by foot, which one features modulation more prominently, which one can be switched over to dotted eight repeats, etc But once that is all figured out, you are pretty much set, and it sounds fantastic. This is another one where you probably want to read the manual pretty thoroughly. 550 ms isn't really a whole lot of delay time, but it is definitely usable.

I don't really need the two delay channels, but if you do, its a pretty cool feature to have.

Note that the dotted eighth switch will not actually change the delay time. You need to flip it, and then tap in the tempo again. Took me a while to figure this out, I thought there was something wrong with the pedal initially.

These are built incredibly well, and carry a lifetime warranty. The guys are Diamond are simply fantastic to deal with, no worries there.


Really just an incredible delay pedal. Very lush, warm repeats that gradually crumble away. The modulation is just perfect. Doesn't get wonky or too crazy. If you're into absurd amounts of oscillation, open the pedal up and flip the spaceship mode switch, you'll get more than you could possibly use.

The tilt EQ feature is really cool, it allows you to regulate the extent to which repeats are dark or glassy/bright.

There just really isn't a whole lot more to say about it. It is as close to perfect as you will find in an analog delay.


Pretty much the kind of delays in my opinion. Yes, I know people rave about the Echoczar. But I am just not willing to wait 5 years for a pedal, or pay upwards of 1.5k for a used one.

These aren't cheap, but used prices are a little less intense at between 4 and 500. Other good options are the earlier original Memory Lane (just one delay setting, no dotted 8th notes, and sent into oscillation a little easier) at about $300 used, or the new Memory Lane Jr at about $280 new (used ones aren't really on the market yet).

But if you can afford it, this is the one to get.