Diamond Pedals Memory Lane 2
Diamond Pedals Memory Lane 2

Memory Lane 2, Delay/Echo/Phrase Sampler for Guitar from Diamond Pedals.

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loupgarou2a 12/12/2009

Diamond Pedals Memory Lane 2 : loupgarou2a's user review


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This is an analog delay with a maximum delay time is 550 (nearly one second), which comes in the form of a pedal powered by a transformer (supplied by the manufacturer) of which 18Volt are then internally regulated at 15 volts. It has full connectivity: instrument input, mono output mix, output "delay only" (delay only), two stereo inputs for connecting expression pedals to control the delay time and delay time (feedback) . On top of the box there are six knobs that adjust: the delay time (delay time), the tone of the delay, the delay (feedback), the modulation rate, modulation depth (rotated counterclockwise-clockwise, this knob cuts the modulation) and finally the mixing effect with the original sound. Three switches have the following functions: initiation of the effect, choose between Delay1 or 2 and tap tempo. LEDs light up in different colors depending on the use of either / both of the switches. A small switch changes the delay between two delay or delay in the black dotted eighth, another switch behind the pedal allows delay to pass the two-mode "slap back), ie with a lag one repetition. Inside the pedal, there is also a switch that allows high-low, engaged in high fashion, to the echo oscillation. Also within a rider to optimize the sensitivity of pedal if it were to be subjected to very high levels of entry.


Despite the plethora of settings, the Memory Lane II is very easy to use. Is connected and it sounds live. There is a simple manual but quite explicit comes with (obviously in English, too bad if you have not worked a language of Shakespeare to your school).


Imagine for those who know a Memory Man Electro Harmonix home that would have more opportunities, less breathless, more solid and above that would sound ten times better. Again with Diamond Pedals, you get to Nirvana. The sounds are warm, loose, organic settings to great effect. I confess I do not use the modulation part, but having tried I find it quite remarkable too. That said, I expect u make me echo echo, for chorus, flanger vibes and I have other pedals ... A frequent criticism echoes analog signal degradation, here we have a signal that moves organically and naturally, o is very far from the clinical side, cold and unnatural echoes digital. Mode "oscillation" may be fun for those who want to impact how SF films of the 60s. Used with Fender Stratocaster, Heritage H535 on a Mesa Boogie F50 or even my Martin D28, I have an echo that returns a true musical instrument or a machine to make music and not a digital machine that cools my sound.


Having had many old tape delays, and electronics and then digital with Line6 DL4 (which is an outstanding product in this range effect), I can only congratulate myself for having "cracked" for this pedal. Handcrafted in small batches, it is not really a gift, but still costs almost 3 times cheaper than the Fulltone Tube Tape Delay, which remains today and in my humble opinion, in terms of analog delay, the only alternative worthy of the name. I tried version 1 that had me fooled, I did not hesitate to buy this pedal I was lucky to find Used but in mint condition (thank you Yann!) To a prices "affordable". Pros: Fabulous sound first then the possibility of having two different delays, the feedback control by pedal, tap tempo, mode slapback, the robust housing, the fader size large enough to be rotated without needing a magnifying glass, the seriousness of the manufacturing ... The least: may be the price, but it does not give any work worthy of his hire and that there is absolutely no stealing, on the contrary. Then on a pedal, it takes a little space: 18.5 cm x 11.5 cm x 6 cm, but the ransom to pay for an echo quality. Lost, stolen, damaged, I immediately buy the same without any hesitation, for me is one of the best delay on the market (with the Fulltone) with perhaps the advantage of not having to maintain read heads and stuck with me because wow band tired.