EarthQuaker Devices Disaster Transport Jr
EarthQuaker Devices Disaster Transport Jr

Disaster Transport Jr, Delay/Echo/Phrase Sampler for Guitar from EarthQuaker Devices.

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NicoBraunschweig 08/25/2013

EarthQuaker Devices Disaster Transport Jr : NicoBraunschweig's user review

«  ideal for a first delay »

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Pedal mixed analog-digital delay /. Connectivity standard. I did not know much but the echo itself is a warm analog sound, the sound reproduction is handled digitally. I plugged yesterday for the first time and actually I remember DD5 much colder, there is one room in the seventies, has a limit on tape echo underfoot.


I have not read the manual, there are four pots: time repeat mix tone. No peculiarities. I just do not know how I'll know my time delay or the number of repetitions, there is nothing shown on the pedal, I want to read the manual.


So I think it do exactly what I want: the atmosphere floyd, flawless, no noise, clean and warm at the same time ...


I bought it in the U.S. on a trip a month ago, I just opened the box. I squinted before my trip on a T rex replica but when I came across a store in Brooklyn I saw this model I do not know, and considering the price (about 90 € there) I did not hesitate. So I bought the whole store of pedals and I will return to the U.S. to clear dautres stores pedals!

on the other hand after installation on my pedalboard ... I find it a little hair, not easy to move her big full fat fingers between small and delicate knobs, it does not appear on the photo but I say that is the only negative I've found him. I would do this choice because for the price this is what I could find better!