Eventide TimeFactor
Eventide TimeFactor
iamqman 07/18/2011

Eventide TimeFactor : iamqman's user review

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I know that many musicians claim that this is the best digital delay units on the market. I wouldn't disagree, but I just couldn't jive with it. For me this unit is in someways over produced. There are so many tweaking capabilities that I found myself playing with this thing more than playing the guitar itself. There is so many options that is got to be too much for me. I like things simple and easy. I don't like things to be too complicated. I like plug in and go.


Eventide TimeFactor Features:

* Studio-quality Eventide sound in a stompbox
* Two independent 3 second delays
* 20 presets/unlimited via MIDI
* MIDI sync, tap tempo, and an input for an expression pedal
* True analog bypass
* Instant program change
* Guitar or line level inputs
* Class compliant USB for computer control
* Rugged cast metal construction
* 10 of Eventide's best delay effects in mono or stereo:
* Digital Delay
* Vintage Delay
* TapeEcho
* ModDelay
* DuckedDelay
* BandDelay
* FilterPong
* MultiTap Delay
* Reverse Delay
* 12-second Looper with VariSpeed

Inputs 2 x Instrument
Outputs 2 x 1/4"
Power Supply Included Yes
Batteries 1 x 9V
Height 2.12"
Depth 4.8"
Width 7.5"
Weight 2.15 lbs.


I played this unit with an assortment of rigs. I tried it will my Gibson Les Paul and I tried it with my Fender STratocatser and several different amps and I just couldn't get a tone that I liked. I also found that the volume would drop when I would engage the unit. I had it on the guitar line out puts and inputs and there was a noticeable differ3nce in volume when I clicked this thing on. Perhaps I need to have the output the line level out or whatever it read. Either way it was enough for me to dump it. I'm sure I could have with a little more time figured out how to run this ting properly but I am impatience and it didn't hit me right off the bat. There update via the internet are very easy and I like that capability. I really like Eventide but my patience in thin and they have so much tweak ability in their products that I would not find pleasing.


At new these units come in at around $399. On the used market you can get them under $300. Not a bad price for this unit. It definitely is the best delay out there but too much figuring out for me. I don't use that much effects in my gigging rig anyway so this thing was just overkill for me.