Eventide TimeFactor
Eventide TimeFactor

TimeFactor, Delay/Echo/Phrase Sampler for Guitar from Eventide in the Factor series.

James... 08/03/2011

Eventide TimeFactor : James...'s user review

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At a high price, the timefactor comes with a high level of features. Some players might scoff at paying this much for a digital delay, but the features are great on paper. Two delays at once, bank mode, repeat switch, a large library of delays including tape, mod, ducking, reverse, and multitap delay. It's even got a looper. There's not much you can't do with this unit. The editing is quick and easy. The control layout is a great relief to anyone who's used a pedal delay before. Everything is organized well and needs little explanation. On top of that, the timefactor has midi and usb, and stereo functionality.


The manual is great. Really. Eventide explains everything you would want to know. I typically use the unit in bank mode. When I'm at home editing presets I just switch to play mode and start twisting knobs. I have used it with a midi controller and that's easy too. I have not used the looper but from reading the manual it seems very functional. The tap feature was a deal maker for me. I love the dotted 8th tap and it's easy to use on the timefactor.


I primarily use the vintage and tape delays with a Gretsch Duo Jet and a Vox AC30HW. The modelling for these sounds is spot on, and with Eventide's updates they are even better. The vintage delay responds just as it should, getting muffled as the feedbacks trail off. The tape delay also sound 100% real to me. You can adjust how "old or vintage" you want these effects to sound via the modification knobs, which is a plus. Overall you can get any sort of delay you need. Classic eventide delay sounds can be had or you can get some very ethereal sounds with the reverse and mo delays.


As far as functionality and features, this unit kills. I've heard a lot of people say the sound quality isn't quite up to par with a truly analog delay, but I disagree. I think this is a great sounding delay that delivers what it promises. The midi is great to have. This is a chameleon of a delay pedal in that it can fit any player's needs.