Jacques Stompboxes The Prisoner
Jacques Stompboxes The Prisoner

The Prisoner, Delay/Echo/Phrase Sampler for Guitar from Jacques Stompboxes.

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blizward 04/21/2011

Jacques Stompboxes The Prisoner : blizward's user review

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Analog delay pedal component using bucket brigade OUR Matsushita, which means in terms understandable that there was a delay "old" without simulation or digital conversion and electronic components are no longer produced. All existing analog delays use components made in China cheaper but also less known than the original made in Japan that defined the standard analog delay type bucket brigade, ie using a chip and not magnetic tape (or an Alpine valley) to produce the echo effect.


The configuration of the effect is very simple and few tricks every knob can understand its function. It is gratifying to note that each volume pot did its job throughout the race, it has access to settings rather fine and varied, especially as there is some interactivity between the different parameters. The pallet remains in the normal use and it can not solve the infinite repetition to get the effect self oscillation of delays. So, we stay within the boundaries of music and your singer does not return, wondering who does all this gossip while you rush to the volume of the amp to prevent the speaker does not deposit as a blank.


We are facing an analog delay, we can not speak of "realism". For exact copies of its output, it is better looking side of digital delays. This granted, the Prisoner is quite transparent and simply reheat the sound of the guitar (or bass in my case). Its relatively short delay current 300ms corresponds to the performance of conventional pedals at the time. The pedal is therefore targeted more to type effects slapback or to thicken the sound solo saturated. She excels in the traditional use but its great strength is the ability to modulate the delay which allows for effects like chorus and vibrato very enjoyable. A rich, living, all settings are musically interesting. This pedal can be used as a mini multi purpose and not merely as a delay.


It remains fairly traditional in color without the extremes can be found in other pedals: no large wild or feedback opportunities accompanied by a delay loop but clear and musical palette that offers classical sounds plus this section modulation which opens up sound very inspiring.
In its class, delay in vintage style, the Prisoner is just perfect. If a delay is expected more neutral or more types of delay in one, there are more current pedals. And if it is vintage in sound, its production is thoroughly modern with a bonus switch startup ultra quiet and easy to trigger by hand, which keeps the knobs on the delay range to play live. The price, still relatively high, is still that type of foot "handmade" found on the market (EHX Memory Man or Trex Replica) in a standard format below the Boss.
The Prisoner remains for me the benchmark against which I compare the other pedals, including the old ones.