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MaZar 02/07/2005

Line 6 Echo Park : MaZar's user review


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You know that part


No need for manual, go it alone! we arrive in Tuva sounds fun with the Reverse


I bought the Line 6 Tone Core Echopark 3 months ago from the start I had what might be called a huge buzz by connecting my PSU One Spot in the ass of the beast (after 7 other pedals of course) so I try to put a battery and then the pedal to death kidding, hum hum, I thought the Made in China would make its effect. So I plug in a Boss power supply only of the craft. Otherwise, the "test" of the pedal on the site is not complete in my opinion, or maybe I'm wrong about the direction of it: there is no comparison test type "are there any losses due to conversion?" by plugging directly on the pedal the amp without a POD (2 conversions ---> bim sound takes two slaps), personally, there is a noticeable difference in the saturated: loss of attack, and above all gain, all this by connecting the pedal with no direct display on the amp! In short, it's a good pedal but for the record, do not plug it when you are guilty of distortion. Here now, I may be wrong, I await your opinion


This gives a range of sounds quickly and in good order thanks to the differing modes analog-digital-tape and button Modulation is a cheap pedal, nice but as I said above, it is therefore the conversion station the sound if you have other pedals without true bypass!