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Providence Chrono Delay DLY-4

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Providence Chrono Delay DLY-4
News Providence Chrono Delay DLY-4

Delay/Echo/Phrase Sampler for Guitar from Providence

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Godlyke announced the release of the Providence DLY-4 Chrono Delay.


Replacing their Delay-80’s model, the Providence Chrono Delay is designed to provide tap-to-delay settings, but it can also memorize two separate delay times and toggle between them. The direct signal stays in the analog domain from input to output, passing through the Providence Vitalizer switching circuit. An analog mixer circuit then recombines the direct signal with the delayed signal.


After the DLY-4 delay signal is converted back to analog format it is processed via analog Echo Hardness, Feedback, and Mix controls.


Chrono Delay Key Features –

  • Delay time is adjustable from 1–2700 milliseconds
  • Delay time is displayed in milliseconds (mSec) or beats per minute (BPM).
  • Tap Tempo – Delay time is set by the tempo tapped on the TAP switch.
  • A/B Preset Memory – The A/B preset memory allows two different delay time settings to be memorized and recalled via the footswitch.
  • Beat Split – With the specified delay time as a quarter-note reference, seven delay time variations ranging from half notes to eighth-note triplets can be selected via the Beat Split knob.
  • External TAP Input – A momentary type footswitch (sold separately) can be connected to the EXT.TAP jack to allow remote tap delay operation. When this function is used, the A/B – TAP footswitch on the Chrono Delay unit is dedicated to A/B preset switching, so that tap delay and A/B preset switching operation are simultaneously available via separate footswitches.
  • 12-volt DC power (power supply included)


For more info on the Providence DLY-4 Chrono Delay including audio and video demonstrations, click here.


For information on other products distributed by Godlyke, visit www.godlyke.com.

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