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defguitarist 03/02/2007

TC Electronic Vintage Delay : defguitarist's user review


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Delay with tap tempo and other settings see below ..
c "is the analog (I had a great play on words but good j'viens to read the charter and I was cool)
MIDI controlled


Already this pedal is super light, the housing must be serious carbon or I do not know me but my first reaction was to hand pedal: 400 brousoufs for ca! But after I plugged in and yes, I understand. ..
pretty simple config, must be used which is not easy to adjust the feedback and everything, but it just comes.
The manual is useless, just to make the promo so ...


Delay brilliant, transparent, versatile (oh one means!), The best I could test
Used in a ltd emg is terrible, not cold at all contrary to what "is said to tc, especially since I tested with my microphone which is also called" cold ", in short, to stop the cataloque it's all good
do not abuse the feedback, unless we want an original effect (test you'll see ..)
Simulation of delay to the former (natural degradation of sound) great, triplets mode that I do not understand loool, tro not see the difference the moment (ie for 2 days lol)


I use it for 2 days
What I like most is the sound, the least question, the color! nan the price ... the price hard drive 380 euros
Nah not too many models tested, only the digitech and boss, but hey it's incomparable.
Value for money probably a little abused, but hey it tc, and keep the pedal all your life, in my case I hope eh ...
on the other hand I waited two months, the last two weeks of being "a snow storm in Denmark" lol ... it seems Zave 4 meters of snow hairy NAN BUT THEY COMPLAIN KOI
ah if only they engaged in luge ..
j'mets 7 for the price and the wait.