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ricouille 07/13/2006

TC Electronic Vintage Delay : ricouille's user review


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I had a good TC2290 the Rolls Royce of delays ... I also tried a BOSS DD3 time ....
good opinions are divided.

-For me it is not a delay TC.E. but a copy of TREX delay, even in green pedal functions, housing
almost identical but a bit cheaper.
-The first one I tried messing with serious serious .... lots of audio cracottement ....
return and exchange after it told me that some pedal was defective .... it's pretty personal unusuel in CT ... I have a lot of old pedals TC (watches Chorus / Flanger / EQ / Sustainer-Comp .. ..) and old walk like the first day that is to say very very bie. So I think that the chip can burn out or a capacitor from messing .... chgt of pedal no problem


Functions triplets and high-cut filters to mimic the vintage is shit ....
do not buy it for effect.

I have a lot of evil proper resolution to the delay time of 400ms was stalling the style ... everything is done either by knob or foot tap-tempo. The TC 2290 I could settle down to the millisecond is for this reason I regret it a max.

Otherwise it is very basic though, feedback, line level out ... classic


Ben is not bad at all, less "precise" than the TC 2290 is a model of its kind, for me it come from the differential circuit, the sampling, the type of memory ... but ... in short everything remember that it is a pedal and qd is very well his job.

If you find an analog delay ... do not buy it. I do not like personal BOSS DD / Electro Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man and his ilk ...
the analog delays. are too vague for my taste.

I use my amp before and it makes good .... I went into my pedal to simplify stuff .. in size and price ...


I personally think it's price is that if the TC has put 300 250 E bcp see more people buy it.
It is clear that to 400E is having some delay rack full of good home .... TC / Korg or elsewhere.