Francisdu06 03/18/2011

Vox Time Machine : Francisdu06's user review

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Delay pedal with level control for the effect, to choose among several delays (125ms, 250ms, 500ms, 1000ms) that can then adjust the Time button, feedback control, a switch hi-fi / lo-fi that can change the equalizer to get that used by Mr. Satriani, switch, modern / vintage and finally, tap tempo, allowing you to set the time exactly as you wish. Wet and dry stereo output


The config is really simple, easy to access. The 4 buttons are very easy to use live, editable in the foot, thereby not having to bend down all the time. The switch also. The manual is not really useful. It is very easy, after a court delay adaptation (since this is the first time I have one), the sound you seek.


To tell you the sound quality being as objective as possible, I can only speak of my comparison is between the time machine and the deluxe memory man electro harmonix home. I play on a Vigier Excalibur supra and an amp engl screamer.
Frankly, between the two in terms of sound quality, I saw a real difference. I really felt that one was analog (the vox), as the sound was not changed, and one digital. yet I am not sure that the vox is purely analog. I should compare it to this (I encourage you) with the carbon copy of MXR to see (but did not tap tempo). So what else to say, I find his faithful to the material used, while adding the effect. It turns cleans your class by making them more I would say, and make your solos soar!
The control buttons are very effective. The many possibilities. For those who are lucky, the opportunity to use it in stereo through two outings.


Again, this is my first delay. I realized that I needed one using guitar-rig for my records. I was then quite skeptical about the usefulness of it, both in what it can bring to sound, as its maneuverability.
I was quickly won over. It's been a month since I use it every day. It became part of my sound. I may be using too much.
Really easy to access compared to the Deluxe Memory Man, which I'm sure is great once you know how to use, but less convenient for me.
The possibilities are numerous.
I would do without hesitation that choice, but still I will test the carbon copy to be sure of my purchase.
there at the moment, the results are extremely positive in all cases.
What is certain is that if you want a delay and you buy it without much compared to others, or not really test it thoroughly, I do not see how you could be disappointed with your purchase. I do not see that another model could bring me more