Boss DS-1 Distortion - Ultra Mod - - Modded by Keeley
Boss DS-1 Distortion - Ultra Mod - - Modded by Keeley

DS-1 Distortion - Ultra Mod - - Modded by Keeley, Distortion from Boss.

heads on fire 01/28/2012

Boss DS-1 Distortion - Ultra Mod - - Modded by Keeley : heads on fire's user review

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*With the diode Toggle Switch you have the DS-ULTRA! Huge tube like tone, switch back and you have the classic Seeing Eye Mod (SEM) version of the pedal for high gain, tube like distortion!
*Extra mods to increase the distortion range at maximum settings.
*Mods to correct the bass response and give you a fuller, more powerful tone. *Perfect for Strats now with this mod!
*Comes with Cool Knobs!
*Toggle Switch Up - Our Standard Seeing Eye Mod.
*Toggle Down - Adds another LED to the clipping circuit for a Large Fat Tone.


This is a great pedal! Keeley takes the homely little DS-1 and turns it into a sexy fire-breathing beast. The modifications increase bass response, distortion range, sustain, and attack with this pedal. It's like plugging into a dimed Marshall JCM900, only at a low volume! Honestly! The build quality from Boss is fantastic - this could be thrown off of a building and still be just fine. The additional mods from Keeley look to be incredibly stable as well from a durability standpoint - I've had no issues with mine.


This thing sounds awesome! The two ways I've enjoyed using this pedal are as a boost for solos into an already distorted amp signal, and for a gnarly dry distorted tone when used in conjunction with the amp's clean channel. As a boost, it screams - the notes just sing out with abandon, sustaining as long as I want them to. As a dry dirt box, it gets some great rhythm tones from AC/DC to 90s alt-grunge.


I'm thoroughly impressed, because this modification has taken a humble $40 Boss pedal and elevated it to the status of a superdirt! Robert Keeley is a genius of modern guitar electronics, and that he could make this pedal sound good is a testament to his skill and ingenuity. A+, Highly recommended.