Boss DS-1 Distortion
Boss DS-1 Distortion

DS-1 Distortion, Distortion from Boss.

SamDifer 12/13/2011

Boss DS-1 Distortion : SamDifer's user review


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Distortion pedal, power supply: battery or power supply (not included)
three knobs (volume, tone, gain) between one and one output, is simple.


Three buttons, so not complicated. Turn them what you will, step on it, and made loud noises (unless everything is zero, which is perhaps the best after all ...) For versatility, it's not a .. . A rock dirty and without character, voil what you can get.


I primarily accuracy of all I have a very transistor any amp (I bought a pack with my guitar ...) So perhaps this pedal sound correct with tube amp in a room with perfect acoustics, but at home, on my amp, and even playing with a Gibson SG, it's just devastating. The overdrive of my amp rotten makes a thousand times better (but there's no footswitch so ...) In short, made noise is very dirty, you could rub your guitar against a wall cr worse instead of playing mdiator has not change as the sound is dnatur and that, whatever the rglages. In short, this pedal is perfect for someone who does not play guitar, it totally obscures the game messes up the masterful guitarist and Manire her into a bitter thing and / or filthy. All without character, so no longer esprez express yourself with your guitar.


I have this pedal for 2 years, a friend has given me. He had bought this pedal when he started the guitar. Today, it is a true purchased: a Blackstar HT Dual. Well I quickly understood why he did not take what I pay him when I get me bought another.
At the same time, for the price it is expected much. But when even more than a.

In any case rflchissez well before you consider buying this pedal, imagine that you will play with you stronger in stores, your amp will be worse than the one on which you test p dale, and that you might find in trying it, "pchu and destroy", is rvlera so deafening and ugly.
Also take into account the fact that no one will want you to buy it, so you have that you have a beginner guitar player friend at hand to rid esprer you one day ...