Boss DS-1 Distortion
Boss DS-1 Distortion

DS-1 Distortion, Distortion from Boss.

Marty62100 11/27/2005

Boss DS-1 Distortion : Marty62100's user review


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The ds1 possde a range of quite tense gain. the premir emoiti we are on a big overdrive dj not mla MUSCL. Ms. Adi zero it gives a little.

But to appreciate the full sonority of the model, totu depends on the amp. On a transistor it will be very flashy and cool. on a round lamp course. It is a case of school this pedal. On or opinions partags.

For me, uses a jcm 900, it gives its full potential in tone and gain around mid race. Between 10 am and 14h is the best. The grain is dfini with a small burr on the treble that gives it its charm and all its horror as tastes.

It's pretty Ralant, incisive, and "fuzzy" a little bit on levs gain rates.
The tonality is to be dose with lgert because it changes all the color, for example, it has substance loses its corp and becomes almost unusable. A zero is completely touf.

All in all mediums but are hollowed out well in the mix, the output level is pretty straightforward, without being a clean boost.


The best of the best is the change ds1. Once sifts electronic levels it reveals a hidden potential well above the class with its cousin, the design proco rat for example.

See here:


It is a good pedal overall. It has a color that we can fall in love.
This well ets particular, try.
To make change to achieve an exceptional level.