Boss MD-2 Mega distortion
Boss MD-2 Mega distortion

MD-2 Mega distortion, Distortion from Boss.

jhorloger 08/05/2004

Boss MD-2 Mega distortion : jhorloger's user review


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See opinion pcdent, there is nothing to add.


The use is very simple, four knobs, and basta.
Although sr must take time to rgler well but the fact that serious.


I use it for my bass. I play an Ibanez amp and a Peavey SR300DX TNT115BW and frankly sends a standard potato, I who was looking for a bass sound very violent and I finally found a sound that closely matches bass nostromo.
on the other hand I tried it with one of my guitars and I have more in stock point of view distortion (Rocktron Gainiac: D)
APRS rgler well have my clean sound, the rglage on the pedals is a breeze, the hardest to have silent sound as transparent as possible in terms of any qualisation by adding a large distortion and well I russi.


I admit I use it only yesterday, but I tried several distortion pedals and rack with my bass and it's really the one that stands out, I admit that the pedals great distortion of the same brand of potato with low, but I missed one thing and Kelka with the pedals I found. I finally dbarrasse overdrive effect presets in my Bass V-amp pro (too rotten effects on the simulator, luckily the amp simulation is good).
The pedals with a low instead, gives you more to make the sound comes in, APRS you can grate the case to be giving more EHJV the bass keeping a clean his little prs (rock style), or send a destructive mega heavy (mtal gogo style) when a guitar solo from EHJV to keep in the song.
I like this with the bass pedals, but moderately with the guitar.