Boss ML-2 Metal Core
Boss ML-2 Metal Core

ML-2 Metal Core, Distortion from Boss.

moosers 12/06/2009

Boss ML-2 Metal Core : moosers's user review


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The Boss ML-2 Metal Core is a distortion pedal aimed for use with metal and heavy rock genres.  This is an analog unit that has both a standard 1/4 inch input and output and like all Boss pedals of this size is powered by either a nine volt power supply or battery.  This isn't a rack mountable unit as it is a foot pedal.


Using the Boss ML-2 Metal Core isn't hard at all as it only has some basic parameters.  This is the newer version of some of the older Metal related Boss pedals, so it has a very similar make up.  If you have used any type of distortion pedal I think you'll be able to understand how to use this pedal without any problems.  The pedal simply has four parameters - level, low, high, and distortion.  These are always the basic parameters found on overdrive and distortion pedals, so unless you are an absolute beginner I don't think you will need to study this one too hard or even look at a manual.


The sound quality of the Boss ML-2 Metal Core is sub par in my opinion.  While it does have a decent metal distortion, there is really only one sound that you can get with it.  Keep in mind that I'm not a huge fan of metal to begin with but tried out this pedal to see what types of tones I could get with it.  I've used the pedal with a Gibson SG and a '76 Fender Twin Reverb, so I think I'm getting a pretty accurate sound from this pedal.  If you are into metal and are looking to get a thick distortion sound for playing this type of music, I wouldn't pass this pedal by, but I can't say that I would recommend this pedal to anyone else based on the sound of it.


While this pedal is reasonably priced, the fact that I can really only get a single tone from the Boss ML-2 Metal Core makes it quite unappealing for me.  If you are trying to get a big metal sound, this pedal might do the trick for you but I would strongly encourage those interested to look into a variety of distortion pedals as there are a lot of them out there to choose from...