Boss MT-2 Metal Zone
Boss MT-2 Metal Zone

MT-2 Metal Zone, Distortion from Boss.

DarKBeN 10/29/2005

Boss MT-2 Metal Zone : DarKBeN's user review


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Simple effect pedal distortion typical Heavy Metal
Nan is not digital, and it is 100% pure transo
Input and Output by jack
4 Gain and Volume knobs which
Medium settings, Treble, Bass ...
Main power supply or 9V battery (it seems I have not checked)


Difficult to have a sound that fits perfectly with this mess in the knobs, it's boring and long to resolve. The sound is still as "fuzz" and too full of acute (heavy enthusiasts will love), but it is still nice (haaa potatoes anyway) and not drool too much ...
I bought used so I have no manual adjustment provided but just search yourself, or for those who are sick are going to download the manual on the site of Boss.


Haaaaaaa the essential point: the sound

Okay so now, not put the really crappy stuff behind the pedal. A test on a tube amp. I used a casserole Marshall Valvestate 8080 and its disgusting fuzz coming out and is already becoming more precise and clear on my Hughes & Kettner, but it is not phenomenal either eh ..
Already have good sound, must have the right settings (ouch) ... so you should check the frequency settings on your amp and find those who agree on the pedal. After several months of use, I found the settings that suited me just about on my Marshall, but the sound remains tjs as mediocre and bland.
You can have a multitude of distortion, both crunchy (with the knob of level), that fat that makes the ground shake. The sound is pretty vague.
This pedal is not for rockers.
on the other hand, nothing to do with Digitech The Weapon is really a killer! (Even on an amp transo)


It's been a long time now I have this pedal.
Its full of sharp, it's loud, it's fuzzy, and it's annoying to get to get a good sound.
I never buy it for 120 €, that's for sure!