Boss MT-2 Metal Zone
Boss MT-2 Metal Zone

MT-2 Metal Zone, Distortion from Boss.

zephiroth666 06/12/2005

Boss MT-2 Metal Zone : zephiroth666's user review


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Good pedals for distortion with six knob.
There is not much to say it: you branches, t'appuis you play.


Then it is rather variable because the pedals has a sound that kills but the styling possibilities are diffrent trs target.
I mean the diffrent distos are basically explained in the manual and the problem is that when you start changing a bit, or you find that rare gem, the sound dchire.
Or, more frquemment, one comes across a strange sound that grsille.
In fact once we found the sound that goes well, more is better too touch.


Ben, in fact, the name says it all.
It's THE PDAL mtalleux.C is to be found on other more rock sound by fiddling but it is not his vocation. The pedals out sound sick especially rythmique.C is enjoyable to play with heavy riffs well. I find that the cons by doing well with his solos, but it is not his strong point because the sounds are too sharp and his prcis.Malgr the cot "drooling" I like square ment.


The PDAL has really good sound and trs trs sduira the mtalleux of all kinds.
It is CHRE but the sound is a worth the price.
In addition, you can always jump in with both feet, the hardware is indestructible.
So I would say buy the pedals and LONG LIVE METAL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!