Boss MT-2 Metal Zone
Boss MT-2 Metal Zone

MT-2 Metal Zone, Distortion from Boss.

Chim' 03/19/2004

Boss MT-2 Metal Zone : Chim''s user review


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This is the PDAL PDAL of mtalleux! It has simple CHARACTERISTICS: 6 buttons rglage.
1 for volume, one for gain, and 4 for qualisation. It operates by battery or AC adapter (rated less than the batteries).


It is very simple to use. I got the book free of use. Just tweak the knobs.


It's the sound I was looking for. Perfect sound for both rhythm and for solos. Excellent also for its palm mute.


I adopted it for over a year and I sell it for anything. I bought it used (only 30 euros) so I can not advise you at the price but it has nine in the rate 100 euros. Ms that price I would have bought. I advise all grateux mtalleux or mtalleuse.