Boss MT-2 Metal Zone
Boss MT-2 Metal Zone

MT-2 Metal Zone, Distortion from Boss.

RequiemXIII 10/12/2011

Boss MT-2 Metal Zone : RequiemXIII's user review


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This pedal has two knobs singles and 2 doubles.

_ A level (volume).

_ Four Equalizer: High / Low and Middle / Mid Freq.

_ A Dist (to assay the effect).

Connectivity classic Jack and battery (attention: A change often) or 9V jack.

I put 10 because this pedal is, my time, damn good and the settings can easily get what you want.

I call it the neck is made of metal it can stand the shock: It's solid!


I is not got the manual and in any case I do not think it's useful if you know what you want.

The equalization of this pedal is great, every knob is sensitive and has just turned one feels directly the difference.

In addition, the knobs do not turn all alone, the neck can easily keep its control during transport.

Is obtained very quickly what you want, from rock to metal well nag: For that there is no problem if we are not afraid to turn the knobs.

I use a Peavey Valveking 212 which for me did not gain quite heavy as a guitarist in a metalcore band. The MT-2 to change everything on my peavey, it was really necessary.

Small disadvantage: With active pickups they need to invest in a noise gate because it blows hard.

So I put 9 because the breath stopped me from 2 months to play with my new guitar, but I challenge that finding a conch distortion pedal that does not add breath.


While the level you want to piss off the neighbors with something very heavy or dégueux and impress the girls with solos and tapping to send?
So here the pedal for you.

The sound goes from crunch to the big death of Underoath Job For A Cowboy, so we have a choice of impressive but be careful because the amp, for example on my Marshall Valvestate 40W is far from natural and c ' is still not very heavy compared to the Peavey.

Right now I do not play a lot with (except on my Marshall in the evening) because I invested in a head Peavey Ultra Plus, which allows me to compare a bit of both.
First you have to know a head sounds better because it has no vibration, the sound is heavier and natural.
The MT-2 is quite natural (except for the crunch is to review but not its purpose) and you can send as much as the distortion of the ultra (the sound is just a little bit garish with the Boss) .

Finally, it is a pedal that can be easily adapted to other effects and amps.

I put 7 because it's still less natural than the original distortion of an amp range but the average price deference traced the note 8 (for under 700euro is reached without fat especially if c ' is to repeat or play at home).


I use it for 6 months.

At the very beginning I had a Behringer UM100: NOTHING TO DO!
After jsuis go on my Valveking but soon the lead channel was not enough.
When the Boss in hand (or rather feet) I was playing more with the clean channel + pedal.
Now I use it less because I have a head that does not need (and not with the breath I imagine that) but I keep it because it helps out on other amps.

the most:
_ The strength
_ A range of its impressive settings through sensitive and accurate
_ Reliability: I do not know anyone who brought him back in service and then it's Boss ...

_ The breath but easily correctable (I invests in NS-2: 90E).
_ The sound a little less natural that amp (have to feel what)

If I had to redo this choice, even new, I remake (if I had not my new amp) because it is worth the money, nothing like the Behringer and it is those who sound the note of 9 .