Boss MT-2 Metal Zone
Boss MT-2 Metal Zone

MT-2 Metal Zone, Distortion from Boss.

bloodsugar 10/01/2003

Boss MT-2 Metal Zone : bloodsugar's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Metal style distortion pedal (Metal Zone MT =)
- A knob volume (output volume, not affect the texture of the distortion, excellent for a large volume trs low distortion, parents apprcient 2:00 AM)
- A SETTING THE knob of the distortion
- A 3-band with medium legalization semi paramtrique (we Sets the frequencies and the gain for the medium so)

I put 10/10 for CHARACTERISTICS because it is rare to find a semi-legalization paramtrique in this type of pedals.


Could not be more simple: you plug, you play.


East is metal. Difficult to get a crunch-type lamp with the pedals (ct go of the SansAmp GT2 for a)
on the other hand, it sounds from hell (large distortion, lots of bass) even on a toaster 10W.

I have used with diffrent guitars (Yamaha entry level, Epiphone Les Paul, Stratocaster Squier), the distortion obtained is' similar '(The same note is that the sound will be' large 'with humbucker with single coils, normal)


I bought a guitar when I started (13 years ago), then resold (Error !!!!!)
I then purchased another 6-8 years ago now. For obrtenir a big distortion (even on a marshall transistor is to say!) The pedals is impeccable.

It is no more expensive than another. The report quality price is right (you need a transformer because the battery is quickly beef). If it slams me in the fingers, I achte another in the crowd.