Boss MT-2 Metal Zone
Boss MT-2 Metal Zone

MT-2 Metal Zone, Distortion from Boss.

loko 10/14/2003

Boss MT-2 Metal Zone : loko's user review


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The CHARACTERISTICS are the same as the others since it is the same pedals


The configuration means that it must take some time to find his sound. It is not complicated but it must take its time.

I had the pedals without a manual and can be reached trs well.


Bcp people find this no pedals, or the group in which I play, we are two scratch using the MT 2 and I can tell you that people bcp t surprised by the sound both in the large " croum croum "(the E string is empty smothering, more riffs on the same noisy rglage.

The only recommendation is to attach the pedals a "noise gate" especially for those who use amps dnt infrieure power is 100 W (the trs Larcen happens quickly).

The advantage is that you can play on any amp and get the same sound (has something ready of course) /


I use the pedals for 7 or 8 years. I stop scratching pdt 4 years, and when I returned, I found nothing better than the pedals, so I have redeemed.
I tried pdaliers numriques but nothing., MT2 power.

report quality price, the price does not drop bcp since I know the pedals (I think that says a bcp on quality.

for all rfractaires, try the slightly longer (if you play from 5150, mesa dual or stuff like a) and you will see that it can DGIG power. I'm glad to see that other 'advice givers' agree that this is a very good pedals ....