Boss ST-2 Power Stack
Boss ST-2 Power Stack

ST-2 Power Stack, Distortion from Boss.

surfy 12/15/2011

Boss ST-2 Power Stack : surfy's user review

«  It blows but how do without it? »

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Distortion that simulates the sound of an amp lamp. Format type boss classic black with a nice embossed beautifully. 4 knobs: level, bass, treble, and "sound" that quivaut a level of distortion.
It's hump so it's solid, standard ...


It could not be simpler ...
The button "sound" can range from a fairly marked crunch type sound hi-gain through a drive.


The excellent for solos, with a raliste its position in the "drive". She blows normment, for me it is absolutely necessary derrire a noise gate. Rgale the bass / treble is effective. The crunch is not bad, even if I have a personal overdrive for more lgret.

For cons I find that for chords, quickly becomes a draft. So for the drive, I use an overdrive plutt pushed back or Outher distortion (Proco).

For cons I repeat, solo sound really hard.


I use it for a month and I can not do without it for the solo part. The IDE overall is good and should surely Boss dj floor of a fawn to make the sound less rough and less distortion when the wind is too brand