Caline CP-16 Mark 4
Caline CP-16 Mark 4

CP-16 Mark 4, Distortion from Caline.

major63000 08/20/2013

Caline CP-16 Mark 4 : major63000's user review

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Distortion pedal supposed to emulate a Rectifier Mesa Boogie Mark IV. Three knobs: level for the overall volume and two wins, one for low frequencies and one for high frequencies. Everything is analog, with a real true bypass.


Config super simple, even if the settings between the two gains generate very different sounds. In theory, the two knobs at noon and you play on the midrange.


No miracle grain level (this is not a mesa!), But a real distorted sound quality, dry hair, with a sharp and biting stunning enough for a pedal that price. No honeycomb effect as on my Boss DS1. Do not try to make the overdrive, it saturates live! For that, there is very good CP 18 of the same brand that is a clone of the BB Xotic.Je this distortion compared to that of my Jekyll, which is not the same price. The only catch is breath generated compared to Jekyll. So, high-volume, it squeaks in the background.
I use a Fender Strat Mex single coil on a Laney Cub 12 lamps, and I going great in the mix.


Used occasionally in my set for 6 months, I have CP 18 for overdrive. I remain faithful to my Jekyll which delivers a very good distortion without breath. But for 37 euros new, this pedal is defending very well and its true bypass, well ahead of Boss, Marshall and Vox.