Caline CP-16 Mark 4
Caline CP-16 Mark 4

CP-16 Mark 4, Distortion from Caline.

Jerald 11/27/2014

Caline CP-16 Mark 4 : Jerald's user review

« Amazing for the price !! Mesa sound for sure! »

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A analog pedal simulator of the Mesa Mark 4 amp.


Very basic controls on the gain. Just the gain stages of a Mark 4!


This pedal sounds AMAZING! It needs a diecent tube amp's clean channel to sound correct. NOT for solid state amps (it will just sound like a regular distortion pedal). It relies on tube dynamics to complete the sound of a Mark 4. Also as it has no real mid control, extra EQ's are needed (amp eq or graphic eq).


After dropping the mids a total of 48db after the pedal, you get a perfect Metallica Black album sound. Great solo characteristics (dynamics/harmonics of the real Mark 4!!). It has plenty of dist but benefits from a OD (TS 808) boost. The gain stages are more low end gain/high end gain, not so much bass & treble (kind of a mix). As the Mesa Boogie Mark 4 is out of production and around $1600+ used this is a great invention and worth way more than $34! True bypass as well is very sterdy! I am estatic about it even though i have AMT Electronics E-1 & B-1's as well as Zoom G3 and ADA MP-2 amp sims, this is truly unique and has a smooth and tastefull voice all it's own when treated correctly. Excellent!

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