DigiTech Grunge
DigiTech Grunge

Grunge, Distortion from DigiTech in the X series.

darkwolf291 04/01/2011

DigiTech Grunge : darkwolf291's user review

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This is a good distortion pedal. It can do from heavier blues to metal. It has a Volume Knob, a Bass Knob, a Tone Knob, and a Gain Knob (labeled Grunge). Despite it's name, this is NOT a pedal for Grunge. This is more of a metal pedal in my opinion.
It has an Input, and two outputs. One is for the amp, and the other has Cabinet simulation for direct input to a mixing console.


This is an easy pedal to use. The manual comes with suggested settings, but they're really only a ballpark figure. It's a little difficult to get a good tone out of this pedal, but very easy to get a bad one. Too much treble and it become a harsh, fizzy mess. It gets muddy very easy as well. The Grunge knob controls the gain. It can go from a heavy blues style OD if EQ'd right, to a bass heavy, screaming, metal distortion.


This pedal sounds great for a $50 pedal. It can get very harsh and muddy very quick though. It takes a little playing with to dial in right because the knobs are sensitive. When dialed in right, it is a good metal distortion. It is really trebley though. You have to back up on the treble on the pedal and your amp when using this thing. It is also very very loud. This is NOT the best metal pedal around. It sounds decent enough, but there are pedals who do it and do it better. The amount of treble present in this thing is amazing. It takes a little bit to learn where to set it so it's not harsh and fizzy, but also not muffled and too bassy.


This is a decent pedal, but it's downfall is the amount of treble present in it. It has way too much treble. I used it to play Thrash, and it just wasn't cutting it. It can hold it's own against a BOSS MT-2, but it fails against anything else. It's very easy to make it Harsh and Fizzy. It's too easy to find a bad tone in it. If the dialed out some treble in it, it would be a great pedal. But as it stands, there are better in the price range than this.