DOD FX57 Hardrock Distortion
DOD FX57 Hardrock Distortion

FX57 Hardrock Distortion, Distortion from DOD.

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emish 11/20/2007

DOD FX57 Hardrock Distortion : emish's user review


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Old DOD pedals gnration trs trs is the reliable
4 rglages:
Rglages trs trs simple and effective
Solids are all evidence: the switch does not age with time is incredible
Power as many pedals: 9V battery or AC adapter


I is not the manual, however there is not really necessary. The level-distortion-rglages prsence are common lot of pedals danc there is nothing to be wrong ... The delay is effective and trs trs marries well SETTING THE prsence which Confre the remarkable power pedals, good sustain and if you have a good microphone with it all madness is the prsence it!


I use it primarily with a team of RG 270 and DP193 is Dimarzion DP161F cut breath. The distortion is really top yet but I deprecated the pedals for rhythm is solo she comes into its own thanks to the delay trs rgler effective and very easy. The distortion is kind Hardrock but its efficiency allows it to easily adapt to other styles of music (in the same area even when, n'sprez not play the blues with a n has no record). I thought before having the delay n'tait not terrible ... but we must see the pedals as a whole: I think if you could spare dclencher the delay of the distortion does would not be pretty, but the pedals as a whole gives a trsraliste made, so not too typ diffrent as scratch and allows you to go solo any rhythm too Submitted .


I use it a few years now and I can not get enough. APRs have tried a few pedals just latest issue I think she has little envy the other if it is the level of distortion that is increasing with time and which by the way this is often not trs grate even among larger manufacturers. Yet I am not a fan of these sries of pedals like DOD mtal death, the American distortion ... which I find too many guys. This is not the case at all from that which has the unique charm. It remains all the same very hard in the sr. It's a shame that this PDAL is not known because it would rev a lot of happy. It remains all the same quite rare on the market opportunity but if you have a possibility to acqurir Do not hesitate one day it should be mandatory in every guitarist's collection! !