Guyatone MM2 Metal Master 2
Guyatone MM2 Metal Master 2
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b-slayer 08/27/2006

Guyatone MM2 Metal Master 2 : b-slayer's user review


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- Analogue distortion pedals
- 1 knob for volume
- 1 knob for gain
- An international 3-position to settle the mdiums (cut / normal / boost)
- 9V battery compartment under the pedal (you must remove the rubber pad)
- Input and output jack


The trs rglages are simple, mainly thanks to the design of even this small pedals, maybe even too simple, because it's a fairly strident AGRER not empty

That said, the sound is prcis, has a big EHJV, but a good rglage amp can do the trick (at dtriment from clean) it could be akin to a fuzz with a much finer grain


As mentioned above, this distortion pedals provides a fairly strident and violent plutt (bizare thing seen as the format is rather pokey s would not necessarily doubt)
its register is rather limited, namely sound rather death / black and thrash metal, a lover of "small" distos, do not you

saw his record is a pluttddiea guitars humbuckers, this format more suitable for micro as sources of distortions Aiges

increasingly seen the look of the creature, you can not really go wrong registry => "nag inside" in short, versatility = 0 points


I use it for intermittent for almost 8 years, grs on my mood but I would prfere distortions of my boss GX700, which they are a little more versatile, even in its own register (ie distos metal nag)

I bought this mini pedals on a head shot, and with the experience, I am not sure I repeat, but strictly speaking, an amp winded, and if we play a lot (or only) in its distortion, why not ...