Ibanez DS7 Distortion
Ibanez DS7 Distortion

DS7 Distortion, Distortion from Ibanez in the 7 series.

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Urk Boombleep 03/06/2005

Ibanez DS7 Distortion : Urk Boombleep's user review


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No complicated for a penny: you plugger, you turn your knobs for rgler the distortion, and you pressed PLAY ... Wait, you will understand ...


My personal use of the pedals is a bit particulire: live, I get the sound of my machines in ... For example: I want to change an old pattern without gradual transition. Then the bin I RULES knobs my DS7 of a distortion not too violent, and I give a good punch (in addition adfoule) ... Then I will send more and more distortion with the knobs while I change pattern, and finally return to lower values ​​when I prt. And that's it ... In addition, it is a scratch that was not using it that I sold it 10 ...
For cons: the pedals in itself (read: the hatch that folds over the battery slot, on which rests your peton) seems quite fragile ... On mine, it begins even dj be a little hard bottom. Nothing teacher, but good. In addition, I look quickly, even when it is small and trs trs that little plastic push button under the pedals Itself ... M'enfin! For 10 ...


I know a much as others in this area, dj cons I heard ringing amount of distos numriques, particulirement in Drum'n Bass ... Well this sounds terrible DS7! I even spend some breakbeats in to the resampler then gave a small grain, a ct dgueu love ... I think I'll even try to do a bit of breakcore with this thing


Bin I'm happy!
It's not my cot expensive, and frankly it's a good idea to stick a scratch on the pedals BCAN. I saw a guy dj live Hardcore bote to increase its rates (a 808, which does not impede, vbien the contrary) in one of distortion pedals, and when he struck top with a fist as sonn in rhythm with the kick ... Bin c'tait powerful! I use a little less straight forward, and it is very well. Pretty enough and more, it goes well with my BCAN (oh no, I DCON)
Thank you to scratch!