Ibanez SM7 Smash Box
Ibanez SM7 Smash Box

SM7 Smash Box, Distortion from Ibanez in the 7 series.

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jessy_c_dead 05/31/2005

Ibanez SM7 Smash Box : jessy_c_dead's user review


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Grosse disto, enough knobs (drive, EQ hi / low, level) and a noise gate integr


Pedal stupid but oh so effective! cons as stated by a colleague above (I think) It still gives 10 times better detune (a personal tone picture below is not standard tuning with a tendency that has to be a little too aggressive acute) but then 9 a small downside to that!


Then spit ca tres bien! with "any" distortion pedals that I've been there is no essay that rivals! the sound is much closer and more punchy than any other! (In this price range) with a little reverb and a touch of chorus is deadly!


It's been several months since I have the nickel, nothing wrong is my main pedal and it is huge!