Ibanez SM7 Smash Box
Ibanez SM7 Smash Box

SM7 Smash Box, Distortion from Ibanez in the 7 series.

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gratteu du 59 01/07/2005

Ibanez SM7 Smash Box : gratteu du 59's user review


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Very heavy distortion pedals (must prciser hh), the IBAN format is really good, practical, strong, beautiful, a well-led center, easy to use it, nothing wrong.
one between the two output in the form of a female jack 6.35,
9 volt battery power or adapter not included, like all pedals
there are four pots a drive that regulates the level of distortion that a lo rule hi low for a treble and a volume level that rule gnral, was not to push too (very powerful) but the quality Sound is half the mdiocre Exceeds knob, I play on a marshall100dc prfere I push my amp knob and let one of my pedals in the middle, the drive is good.
There is also a noise gate of slecteur (suppression of interference, buzzing or other) exellent, and a choice between smooth distortion (not viellot jm) and sharp (mtal love lol). I would put 9 for the problem of reducing the drive knob but it's really a mistake to look for if not for that price, nothing wrong.


Archi-simple, I used it as a simple distortion with my old band, I use it as a distortion mtal for my new group (by changing the rglages).


If you want a simple distortion, take DS7, I'll get it (a slap ibanez hh), but if you want sound kicking-the-ass-du-chat-of-its great- mre, pick up the pedals, damn all the pots thoroughly, the last volume half to 3 / 4, scratch in your damn ret for the low price is that the pedals, you'll see what it's like the distortion pedals ... say anything, I use it even for slipknot, except that the potential of this small pedals .. ..


I use it for about 8months, such as distortion pedals (muse for example) with my old band and I mtnt into a mtal PDAL .... I tried the MT2 boss, but nice cold mtallique I prfre ibanez ... in my tite snap 120euros + pr a non PDAL I lai zu merci.celle it was 68euros in stores, it's much lower since it is trying to adopt hh.