Ibanez SM7 Smash Box
Ibanez SM7 Smash Box

SM7 Smash Box, Distortion from Ibanez in the 7 series.

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braize 07/22/2003

Ibanez SM7 Smash Box : braize's user review


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Bah was good here in the form of an effect pedal is a distortion
for connection is a simple input output both in the form of a female jack 6.35
9 volt battery power or adapter not included
there are 4 knob a drive that regulates the level of distortion that a lo adjust the bass for a hi fever and a level that controls the overall volume.
there are also two selector there is one (or not to voipour noise supressor (a 1 or a 2) and the other (edge) to select the type of distorstion


To use it very very simple one branch is the rule and selector knob in 30 seconds appuiset we play! that happiness


The sound of the distortion is absolutely great and is ideal for lour well for neo-metal or metal it can also be a more typical punk finally it's too cool! my preferred setting is as follows:
drive 9
lo 10
hi 7
level 4.5 (for slightly more volume and clear sound but not too much!)
void: 2
edge: sharp
It gives her a very heavy but understandable enough deftones typed according to my ears


This is the best distortion pedal that g tried much better than the boss metal zone parsque here we have a built-in noise supressor g which is very convenient since this pedal a year and I do is that it
value for money is very good I paid a then 89 euro but fell today I think.
in this price range will always be the ca disto I choose