Line 6 Uber Metal
Line 6 Uber Metal

Uber Metal, Distortion from Line 6 in the ToneCore Pedals series.

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Tyranek 03/01/2005

Line 6 Uber Metal : Tyranek's user review


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Foot disto classic, 6 knobs, and pi c costo we live voi


By adjusting the ass easily conk you get a good distortion out of line. The manual gives good explanations and we are not fiddling dscu when the beast on his ring tt


Then tt ca pet that javai heard before ... my korg 1500 G can all be Rabiller by side ... if we put the gate of 2 then there is no background noise, although I no di! even at the bottom drive volume and it looks like the tt but sleeps well jvous kindly advice not to play lol
the distortion is especially vari jOperation insane mode but the Spray Applied and metal is really good ... you can do everything stays clean and above all his (well I think). For me it is the distortion pedal to the metal ... it has replaced mt2 remains more expensive but that is an outright blows old!! it has nothing to jai seem to hear my microwave oven when I clear that the.
Long live the uber metal!


Ba for me is the best distortion pedal in jai never heard better ... with a wah wah and echo park in my opinion you can do many things with great quality