Vox V810 Valve-Tone
Vox V810 Valve-Tone

V810 Valve-Tone, Distortion from Vox.

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electric lullaby 09/14/2004

Vox V810 Valve-Tone : electric lullaby's user review


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The Boss SD-1 and Vox V810 are two clones of clbre Ibanez TS-9, the same drive and the legendary trs covets Ibanez TS-808.

The four pedals so the same resume CHARACTERISTICS:
- 1 1 In and Out jack (mono 6.35)
- 3 knobs: level, tone and drive
- 1 DC In
- Alim by a 9V battery

Small particularity to Vox must dvisser bottom panel (4 screws) to replace the battery

on the other hand, unlike the other three, this is really trs nice pedals, but also a little bigger. In addition, it is the only possder has a true bypass.
The case in mtal pais looks more than a Boss ... In any case, it PSE much heavier.

The chrome finish is really nice ... Finally, if the box prfre square yellow or green ...

The two clones, he said that it is the closest (see it is frankly the same)


If you know what an overdrive, no problem with the pedals ... otherwise, it is discovering in 10 seconds, without having to open the manual.


The TS-808 and TS-9 (I've never tried) are rputes to have a warm and crmeux, approaching the crunch of a light amplifier.

Unlike the SD-1 is more noisy, it was exactly as I dcrirais the sound of the V810.
Do not esprer gain of madness, the pedals are not made for mtal, but for blues and rock ... and does it well!


Although my SD-1 team is home of the famous JRC4558 the TS-808 is with the V810 that I sound the hottest and most crmeux, the SD-1 As more garish, but with a little more gain.

Having bought this new Vox to 350F in 2000 (promo), the ratio quality price buries all other overdrive pedals. If I lose or steal it from me, I one of Rasht OCCAZ '(because I think most manufactures vrifier ....)

Note that it means trs well with my Vox AC30, for when I want more crunch, more fat ...